Beau Lyday  Farmstead Studios
Beau Lyday was born in Athens, Georgia in 1955. He has been sculpting in metal and wood since 2009. 
His major influences are Gothic and mid-eastern architecture, Celtic symbols, and sacred geometry. 
After forty years in the furniture business, he left to pursue his art. Beau believes that being an artist is something that one is born to do and does not necessarily require a formal art degree, though he certainly respects those that earned an art degree. He went on to study through practical experience, learning through trial and error, and self-learning reading, studying ancient places and objects as his teachers.
It was here that Beau furthered expanded on his knowledge in working with carved wood cores plated in aged tin roofing, where he was recently awarded best in show at the North Charleston Sculpture Exhibition. 
His recent large works create a sense of place. Being sculptural and structural a person can stand inside a piece or sit down and become involved with it, embracing the peace within the shelter of the sculpture.  

Beau currently lives and works in Valdese, NC

"I feel that a piece of art does not have to be shocking to have worth. Instead a work can mesmerize a person, moving one to a place of safety or sanctuary and instilling a sense of peace. In these unfathomably violent times, there is a special need for healing art.".