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My wife and I live near the blue ridge mountains of North Carolina in a 1850's farmhouse. We have side by side studios and a rescue dog named Waldo. Brenda is my lifelong inspiration.
I built my first piece of furniture when I was six and have been making pieces ever since. After nearly forty years in the furniture industry, my job went to China. I started taking down barns. Most had already collapsed, and I saved the pieces from being burned. I made furniture out of the wood. I ended up with a lot of rusted tin roofing and incorporated this material in some of my furniture. For the past five years I have been creating one or two sculptures a year. Gothic Portal took 2 years to complete, others took less time.
I have accepted that my timespan to create is shortening. It takes longer and harder work to accomplish what I envision.  I realize that what I do needs to be worth the time I invest.