Beau Lyday  Farmstead Studios
     Cathedral of Crows 

This was my .first rusted tin roofing and wood sculpture. It was created in 2013 and sold. that year
Cathedral of crows is an installation with six crows. I carved a left and right mold of the body and hammered the metal into it. I made various positions of wings and solder it all together. The legs and claws where made out of piano wire  

My father taught me to talk with crows when I was a kid.  Interesting fact: crows know 26 different phrases. One is even "Hey watch this" I am familiar with the red wing blackbird, but have never seen a red neck black bird.

When I had dark times, the crows would gather around me on my porch and talk with me. My wife Brenda tells me when she has fed them so I don't start to worry